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Engineer Wood, Laminate, Vinyl Flooring for your ADU

We recommend laminate flooring as most ADU is built as rental homes. It is water-resistant and will give you the feel of a real wood floor type. There are so many flooring types to choose from. There is carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, engineer wood, and more. Carpet flooring is old-fashioned, but not good for people with allergies. Sure, it is soft on your feet, but nowadays people are moving away from carpet. Tile is great for places with high humidity, but here in California, the trend is wood flooring. There are three popular types of wood flooring options. One is Vinyl, 2nd is laminate, and 3rd is engineered wood.

Vinyl would be best for industrial use, places with pets, or places with high traffic. On top of that, it is low cost. When considering vinyl, make sure to get the thickest vinyl top layer, that way you won’t get uneven flooring after soaking with water and cleaning material. If you are looking for great floors, then vinyl will be your best option. The 2nd flooring type is laminate flooring. Laminate floors were recommended by one of our flooring experts. This is data from all their customers collectively. Laminate will be your closest option to real wood flooring. It isn’t waterproof but can withstand wear and tear. It is easy to fix with the tongue and groove system and pricing is very affordable. Laminate floors have many layers of wood and are very stable compared to vinyl. Another advantage of laminate floors is that it has tons of design style to choose from. The 3rd flooring type that I will discuss here is engineer wood flooring. Engineered wood floor is real wood floors mixed with plywood as a base. The entire plank is not made of the same material. Keep in mind that most engineer wood flooring is 3/8, or ½ inches thick, glued on top of compressed particle wood. There are multiple levels of compressed wood to hold the actual wood plank on the top layer. You may choose any wood type such as oak, maple, birch, and many more. Engineer wood isn’t the best to maintain and does not along with water. These types of flooring are made for luxury living so good care must be taken. Engineer flooring will run you about $10 a square foot with installation.

Laminate or viny cost will run around $3-$6 a square foot. In conclusion, if you have money to spend and no budget then I would recommend engineer wood flooring, but if you want good flooring in general, then go for laminate. If you have pets and high-traffic areas, then go with vinyl. Don’t worry much about the quality as all these mentioned floor types are very good.

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