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Room Addition

Room addition is the process of adding extra living space to an existing home. This can involve adding a new room or rooms to the house, extending an existing room, or converting an existing space.

Services Processes

With WILLBII, you can be sure that you are getting the best in quality, service, and satisfaction.

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Step 1 Consultation / Site Analysis

Schedule an on-site consultation appointment with our specialist to discuss your project goals, budget, and any other specific requirements you may have.

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Step 2 Get a quote

Based on the site analysis and the conceptual design you approved, we will provide you with an estimate with a detailed breakdown.

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Step 3 Design Development

Based on your goals and the city requirements, our design team will begin to develop the design. 

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Step 4 Permitting & Construction

After the estimate has been approved and the contract has been signed, we will take responsibility for all the required permit paperwork and secure the necessary approvals. Once we have obtained the permits, construction will be commenced!

Let's work together.
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