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Types of ADUs - Accessory Dwelling Units

Updated: Jul 25

There are several types of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) that can be built to meet different needs and preferences. Some common types of ADUs include:

Detached ADU

A separate structure that stands alone on the property, such as a small cottage or tiny house. Detached ADUs provide complete privacy and independence from the main house

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Attached ADU

It is connected to the main house and shares one or more walls. It can have a separate entrance or be accessed through the main house, making it an integrated part of the property.


Garage Conversion

Converting an existing garage into a livable space. This is a popular option for adding an ADU while utilizing existing structures.

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Junior ADU (JADU)

A smaller unit that is created within the main house. It typically includes its own bathroom and kitchenette, providing a compact living space.


Multi-Family ADU

Consist of two or more separate living units within a single structure. Multi-Unit ADUs are designed to accommodate multiple households or families, each with its own living space, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities.

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