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TOP 8 Countertop Choices for your accessory dwelling units and home.

When you think about countertops for your kitchen, what comes to mind? My first thought to this question would have been marble and if you thought that as well then, we are on the same page. Marble is advertised as luxury good due to the rareness of its stone. It is soft to the touch and is very smooth as you glide your hand across it. Marble is good, but there are many other types of countertop options that are superior to marble.

We will go over the most popular kitchen countertop materials. #1 Marble. Marble will run you $75-250 per square foot and keeping it clean is a must otherwise you’ll ruin the countertop. Marble stone designs are one of the most beautiful natural rock patterns you will find and are imported from other countries around the world. These are considered exotic rock formations that took millions of years to marbleize.

#2. Granite. Starting price per square foot is about $45 and goes up to 200. Granite is not as hard as quartz but has its own uniqueness as well. The reason to choose granite materials is purely on the taste of design. Granite patterns aren’t like marble and have many varieties of patterns and colors.

#3. Quartz. These countertops are beautiful just like marble, but better to maintain. The cost is lower as compared to marble. Quartz is sensitive to heat so be careful. Quartz could be the alternate version to marble if you are looking for something luxurious with a marble effect-like design.

#4. Slate. If you are into dark stone colors with a modern look then slate would be ideal. The pricing is more affordable than granite, quartz, or marble. Slates are only available in dark tones such as black, charcoal, grey pewter, brown, and even red, blue, and green. Slate countertops will hold up in the heat and the surface is really hard.

#5. Stainless Steel. Stainless steel tables would be ideal for chefs, but also for anyone who wants a commercial appearance. This new trendy design will complement both traditional and modern homes without breaking your budget.

#6. Butchers Block. Have you watched your home décor channel recently? Most of them are doing butcher’s block kitchen counters. They are simple to install and look great! The downside of that does expect wear and tear. I do suppose that the dents, dings, and scratches will add to the appearance of a rustic kitchen look. That is if you are into that style. Pricing is about $30-40 per square.

#7. Tile. Lots of old homes still have tile countertops. This was popular back in the day, very affordable, and easy to maintain and repair. If you are looking for cost-saving solutions, then this is the way to go. There are new trends in using larger size tiles and rich color tiles that make great impressions. Don't undermine this option as you can be very creative with it.

#8 Laminate. Are you on a budget? This is the lowest-cost solution for any countertop. The cost is about $15-$40 a square foot. You will not regret to have spent on this product as it will last you for 10-15 years.

Contact me for more countertop information. Steve C. 626-415-7115

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