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How Much Does An ADU Cost, DIY, Cheap Builds, High End Builds.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

How much does an ADU Cost, DIY, Cheap Builds, High End Builds.

Everyone who consider building an ADU will entertain the idea of building their ADU with the cheapest material and labor possible. Some even or consider building it themselves, but the fact of building an ADU is much more challenging. When people google ADU homes, they see fancy builds like this one below and yes this looks desirable, but in fact most standard ADU will look more like the blue house in the back. This ADU looks great, but only recommended for those who can afford this luxury style. This ADU cost per square feet will run around $300-$400 dollars a square foot. The below has large black windows and a two-story tall ceiling. Everyone knows that windows are very costly, especially large ones. You can also see a custom garden and pathway. These addons will add to your total.

Check out this next ADU below. DIY ADU can cost you about $100 per square foot sure. It is small, simple build, no restroom, no kitchen, just a plain room.

This next ADU image below is more in the line of $200 per square foot. Stucco walls, Vaulted ceiling for structural integrity, white classic windows and proper setup, concrete foundation, plumbing & heating.

I hope this will be perspective in our Accessory Dwelling Ideas when it comes to cost.

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