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Accessory Dwelling Unit Roofing ADU Roof Types

California ADU Roofing Types.

Most new ADU built in California are using asphalt shingles since they are the most cost-effective and durable roofing material. There are rarely high winds in Southern California, so asphalt shingles work best for most cases. Asphalt roofing will generally last 10-20 years but will occasionally need shingle renewals. Pricing for Asphalt roofing will run you about $3-$7 a square foot.

The other option would be clay tile roofing made of earthenware. Clay tiles will help with the insulation keeping the house cool and warm throughout the seasons. These types of roofs are aesthetically pleasing and cost anywhere from $5-10 a square foot. For California homes, we recommend going for clay tiles or asphalt.

Other types of roofs such as Metal roofs are more expensive and will last a long time and will run from $8-15 a square foot. If you can afford an upgrade then sure go for metal roofs, although they are not great with sound dampening.

Wood roofs are another type, very beautiful but would not work well here in southern California since it is the coastline. These types of roof styles will be subjected to humidity damage from the nearby ocean. They will warp bend and will cause long-term issues.

If you are eclectic with an expensive taste, then there are slate roofs to consider. They are made of stones. The pros for these types of roofs are ever long-lasting, but you must consider that they will be heavy. Reinforce structures are required to contain the load. Slate roofs are about $20.00 a square foot.

The last roof type I will mention here is solar. Solar will last 10-15 years, and the state is offering incentives for homes with solar panels. As solar technology is getting better pricing will fluctuate and the quality will also change for the better. Solar will help save energy costs and these panels will help shield your house. Pricing for solar is about 10-20 a square foot.

When deciding to purchase your ADU, please keep in mind these factors. Please check with your builder and if you have any questions or quote concerns then let us know. My name is Steven. My contact information is 626-415-7115 . Our website is . ADU Home - YouTube

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