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Want to be a Cabinet Design Expert?

After reading this article you will become a top cabinet designer, (not really), but somewhat savvy. Everything in design is always subjective so that means whatever you or your client decide is best and whatever feels right will be the best design.

Let’s get straight to the point. The Most Popular cabinet would be the “White Kitchen” cabinets. This style focuses on white cabinetry, black handles, or gold and will match any furniture or countertops chosen. You can opt for a colorful wall splash. Basically, anything will match this style.

The next popular cabinet style would be the shaker cabinets. What is a shaker cabinet? Basically, that is a box design, within a box. It has an inset square within the panel and has clean lines which are soothing to the eye. The shaker style comes from the 2nd coming of Christ because, in the early days of cabinetry, these craftsmen were very religious and wanted to design cabinets that would represent their beliefs in Christ. Whether you believe in Christ or not, these cabinet designs will always be timeless and good-looking.

The next topic is traditional cabinets. These have an elegant look to them. The old-school wood-style traditional cabinets are outdated. Refreshing these traditional cabinets is trending. Either go with all white, or other colors other than dark brown, red-brown, or cherry because these colors were of the past. New colors are blue, grey, off-white, and rustic wood.

If you are looking for a wow factor in your kitchen, then consider these variables. Grey Cabinets, Blue, or any other rich color with two tones will make your kitchen come alive.

Have you seen these new French cabinet styles? They will appeal to people who are into the eclectic antique look and refined taste. French cabinets are indeed very beautiful. Make your house look like a chateau.

Rustic cabinets will make your home feel like home. It flows with warmer tones and light oak colors. These kitchens are inviting and very cozy.

You can even go for a contemporary rustic look.

Contemporary Cabinets

Wanting your home to look like it is something straight from a catalog? Check out these contemporary cabinets.

If are you really organized with your shelves, then consider having glass panel cabinets in your kitchen. These cabinets will be like showcases for your fine China.

Black Cabinets.

Black Cabinets will help small kitchens look larger. Black kitchens are very sophisticated.

Glossy Cabinets

Interesting is what you’ll see and say if you go with glossy cabinets. Sometimes reflections are much to see, but if you have cabinets with a gloss to them, they can be amazing.

If you want to mix and match styles to make your kitchen looks sophisticated and airy then check out this image here. This is a two-tone shaker-style cabinet, with wood trimmings and a contemporary gold finish.


Today’s European-style cabinets are gorgeous. Simplistic flushed design, clean lines, futuristic, yet modern looking. No handle cabinets and clean edge design.

Right now, some of the best-looking kitchens are done in two tones. The designs will keep everyone entertained.

I hope this article will help you bring out creative ideas. If you follow these designs, then you will be on the right path to creating the most beautiful kitchen.

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