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Landscape Ideas & Professional Services. We can help!

When beautifying your house, one important key is to increase your house value by getting professional landscaping. Lots of people invest in them inside of their houses but forget to fix their landscape. Landscaping is tough and the task may be daunting, but do not need to worry when you can pay to get this service done. Landscaping isn’t about hiring a guy to mow your lawn and pull-out weeds. Proper landscaping is about the design and use of your lot space. You can transform your backyard into an Eden with proper design and development.

Here are some ideas to consider when creating your Eden in California. If you are on a budget, then here are some terms to look up. Xeriscaping, drought tolerant plants, gravel pathways, and fewer plants. These mentioned ideas are low carbon and low maintenance. You can create beautiful backyards with these simple ideas. Here is a photo of a Xeriscape backyard.

A popular trend now is a minimal design backyard with large slabs placed across your hard. There is less grass maintenance. Even artificial turf added can be considered easy maintenance. Also, artificial turf is good for dogs. They will make your space feel more open. Speaking of dogs, if you have dogs, please consider choosing the right plants and be sure that they are not toxic for them.

Here are some design styles. “Entangled Landscape”

Adding a Firepit, space heats, canvas tents, wooden decks, and an area to congregate such as a lounge can add value to your property.

If you have limited space, check out this vertical garden.

I hope these images will help you get your mind going. There are endless possibilities, and your backyard is your canvas. Feel free to design it your way. If you need professional help with your landscape, then please call us and we'll be happy to help. #willbii #losangeles #orangecounty #hgtv

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